November 11, 2003

Field Project – Hargeisa Somaliland

By In Initiatives

In November 2002, IHAN participated in a fact-finding mission to Somaliland. IHAN determined that the Hargeisa Group Hospital, the only public hospital, was in dire need of renovation. The hospital’s infrastructure, medical supplies, and equipment needed to be dramatically improved in order to meet the basic health care requirements of the community.

The needs of the Hargeisa community were great especially because the majority of women suffer from the consequences of female genital mutilation (FGM). There are many cases of pelvic inflammatory diseases, vesico vaginal and rectal fistulas that should be addressed. As a result, IHAN adopted the Hargeisa Group Hospital and its constituents to ensure that their needs are met on an on-going basis.
Project Goals

IHAN aimed to provide a mass immunization for 30,000 children of the Hargeisa community. IHAN also launched a public health training program for local health providers. IHAN’s project team included U.S. trained doctors, nurses and support personnel. This team partnered with Somaliland’s Ministry of Health and the local healthcare providers through the Hargeisa Group Hospital.