October 16, 2006


By In Initiatives

Dr. Roshan, the president of IHAN, was invited to participate in the planning committee for the Bell Park of World Peace Project, which was sponsored by Hwacheon County, October 12-15 , 2006 in Seoul, Korea.

The Bell of Peace for Life will be cast out of shells that were actually used in warfare. Empty bullets shells from countries with history of military conflicts will be melted to create 9,999 Kwan and the last Kwan of the Bell will be added finally in Korea, where the last divided nation in the world remains to be reunited. (Kwan is a Korean unit of weight: 1 Kwan=3.75kg)

As we cast the Bell of Peace for Life and construct the park of bells, our paradox will be turned into the strong resolve to construct a global order of peace for life. We hope that all living beings will participate in this project, cherishing in their hearts the reverberations of the Bell of Peace for Life.
For more information, please visit: www.gopeacebell.com.