December 13, 2013

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United for a Culture of Peace Through Interfaith Harmony: February 14, 2013 held at the United Nations Headquarters.  The event was a combination of discussions, prayers, and flag presentations. Speaker after speaker reiterated the benefits of religious tolerance and its influence on conflict resolution. The symphonies of peace prayers illuminated the nonviolent qualities of faiths spanning from Bahá’í and Buddhist to Sikh and Zoroastrian. The presentation of the flags of each of the 193 UN Member states concluded the event equally harmoniously as it began and accentuated the progress the world has made through peace. “A moment of Peace can and shall Save the World.” -Sri Chinmoy

Held on March 9, 2013: CSW Side EventFordham U, Institute for Women & Girls, IHAN Fordham University NYC in the Pope Auditorium.

Held on March 11, 2013: CSW Side EventIHAN & GMCoP in the Church Center of the UN.

Held on March 13, 2013: CSW Side Event NGO Health Committee & IHAN


Commission on the Status of Woman: Empowerment of Rural Woman. February 27 to March 9, 2012.  During the 56th Annul Commission on the Status of Women Conference, IHAN was able to participate in three side events all dealing, in one way or another, with the priority theme, “the empowerment of rural woman and their role in poverty and hunger eradication, development, and current challenges.”

RIO+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development June 2012.  Held on 17 June 2012, our event entitled “Without Water There is No Life- Educational Component,” brought together educators, leaders of peace movements, and young activists to speak about the role of education in the promotion of sustainable living and sustainable development. Our Moderator was Board Member Dr. Fred Stutman. Participants on our panel included IHAN First VicePresident Dr. Suzanne Stutman, Dr. Dawn Digrius, Nadira NajibPhD Student, Stevens Institute of Technology, Jean Paul Affana Affana- Coordinator, Rio+20 Global Youth Music Contest, and Dr. Tao-Tze Hong- President, Federation of World Peace and Love.  The event was well attended and many individuals from around the globe were moved by the message we provided; that it is imperative that education be at the foundation of improving health, well-being, and standards of living world-wide.


November 14, 2011 at Stevens Institute of Technology IHAN participated in the general equality seminars, spreading the message regarding international issues affecting woman and children to many radio talk shows and television programs.


Melbourne, Australia: Attended the 63rd UN DPI/NGO Conference: “Advance Global Health: Achieve the MDGs”; IHAN sponsored a workshop titled: Intergenerational Dialogue on Global Health from Birth to Maturity.
Izmar, Turkey: IHAN honored Senel Aksu
New York, UN: 54th Session of the Commission on The Status of Women titled: Beijing + 15, took place. IHAN held side event titled: Beijing & Beyond: Education for Girl Child & Women.


Mexico City, Mexico: Attended the 62st UN DPI/NGO Conference: “For Peace and Development: Disarm Now.”, IHAN held a workshop
New York, UN: 53rd Session of the Commission on The Status of of Women titled: Equal Sharing of Responsibilities, took place. IHAN held side event titled: Women, HIV/ AIDs & Poverty.


Paris, France: Attended the 61st UN DPI/NGO Conference: “Reaffirming Human Rights: The Universal Declaration at 60”
New York, UN: 52nd Session of the Commission on The Status of of Women titled: Financing for Success and Security, too place. IHAN held side event titled: Financing Wealth for Better Health.


July 7, Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute Toward An Arm Treaty



August 31st – September 6th Hiroshima: Global conference of Building a just and sustainable peace, Mayor Akiba of Hiroshima was chair. Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York proclaimed August 31st -September 4th as Global Peace Days in the City of New York.
June 4-8th Nobel Women Initiative meeting in Vienna
June 1st -4th: Paris International Salon for peace conference
May 22-26 Geneva WHO Health Assembly
March 8th, New York, The 51st Session of CSW titled: Make Girls Visible, took place. IHAN held a parallel event titled: Towards the Health and Well Being of the Girl Child.
January 19-29, South Africa Literacy program, Stutman & Roshan


December Somaliland – Somaliland Field Project Continued
November 17 & 18th Penn State Abington, Pennsylvania : Commemoration of Human Rights
October 22-24, Jaipur, India – International Medical Sciences Academy Dr. Melnick
September 7- 9 at the United Nations NY 58th DPI/ NGO Conference: Our Challenge: Voices For Peace, Partnerships and Renewal was attended by members of IHAN. Dr Roshan was the moderator for panel discussion on Friday the 9th of September entitled Voices for Peace:
August 16th – 19th in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Pathways to Reconciliation and Global Human Rights an International Conference was attended by Drs Roshan and Stutman, Vice president. IHAN presented a workshop on Children, Literature and Healing
June 19 to the 24, in Seoul, Korea: The 9th International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women, 2005., Dr. Roshan presented, Is it Possible to Reduce Women’s Poverty through Globalization.
March 4th UN New York: IHAN sponsored with American Medical Women’s Association a panel discussion: Role of Women in Humanitarian Medicine and Equity for Women in Gender and Cultural Competence. The key note speaker was Ms. Wariara Mbugua, Principal Social Affairs Officer the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues and the Advancement of Women’s Office at The United Nations.
January American Medical Women’s Association annual meeting at Washington was attended by Dr. Mini Murthy: Program coordinator IHAN


Hiroshima, Japan: Begin preparations for 2006 Peace Summit
Bronx, New York: Organized and sponsored a one-day symposium on “The Role of Women in World Peace and the Role of Men and Boys in Gender Equity” in Lehman College of CUNY.
New York, UN: Honoring Dr. Shirin Ebadi 2003 Nobel Laureate for Peace co-sponsored by Lehman College of CUNY
South Africa: Participated in the “Literacy Project for HIV Orphans.”
Bronx, New York: Organized and sponsored a one-day symposium on “The Role of Women in World Peace and the Role of Men and Boys in Gender Equity.”
New York, UN: Organized and sponsored a briefing on “Gender Equity for Leadership and Peace Building.”


New York, UN: Organized and sponsored a one-day conference on “Peace as a Human Right: The Elimination of Vionece Against Women and Children.”
Hargesia, Somaliland: Renovation of the Hargesia Group Hospital in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, vaccination and medical treatment of women and children of the region.
Perth, Australia: Active participant on The International Council of Women General Assembly.
Stellenbosch, South Africa: Participated and presented workshops at the national conference “Age-In-Action.


Washington, DC, U.S.A.: At Georgetown University, cosponsored the conference on “Vaccines: Past, Present and Future.”


New York, UN: Organized and sponsored a half-day symposium on Health and Human Rights for Girls and Women.


New York, UN: Organized and sponsored a one-day symposium on New Millennium Strategies For Women’s Health and Human Rights in the Workplace


New York, UN: Organized and sponsored a one-day symposium on the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Children.
Sun City, South Africa: Presented a paper to the 17th Biennial Congress of the Nutrition Society of South Africa. Participated in ECOLINK, a field project to train women in food production.


Izmir, Turkey: Sponsored and organized a two-day conference on the Impact of Nutrition on Women’s and Children’s Health.
New Jersey, U.S.A.: Sponsored a one-day seminar, Life Without Limits, an alternative approach for hormone replacement therapy and osteoporosis.


New York, U.S.A.: Sponsored a one-day seminar on the Impact of Health Care Policy and Practices on Women.
New Jersey, U.S.A.: Sponsored a one-day seminar on Healthy Lifestyles for Women: Utilizing Modern Medicine and Alternative Approaches.
New Jersey, U.S.A.: Organized a seminar on Health Education from Childhood to Womanhood.


New Jersey, U.S.A.: Sponsored a weekly radio program with a focus on women’s issues from the Beijing Platform of Action, mid-life challenges, breast cancer and osteoporosis.
Beijing, China: Organized and participated in a workshop on Comprehensive and Holistic Approaches to Women’s Health at the UN’s Fourth World Conference on Women.
New York, UNICEF: Sponsored a one-day UNICEF seminar on ending the Victimization of Women and Children at Home, in the Workplace and in the War Zone.


New York, UN: Sponsored a one-day workshop on inequality in Women’s Access to Education, Health and Employment: How to Maximize Awareness of Rights.
Romania: A gala celebration and fundraiser to benefit projects for the children of Romania.


New York, U.S.A.: Organized a scientific seminar on Women to Women: Dialogue on Global Health Issues.
Vienna, Austria: Participated in the 37th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women and conducted a workshop entitled the Leadership of Women in the Health Sector.


Rutherford, New Jersey, U.S. A.: At Fairleigh Dickinson University, raised funds to establish a chair and an international scholarship to honor the late Professor Nasrollah Fatemi, founding director of the Graduate Institute of International Studies and Dean of Graduate Studies.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Participated in the UN’s conference on the Environment and Development, which emphasized population control, women’s education, and indoor pollution.


New York, UN: Raised funds for a cyclone-proof shelter to equip the people of Bangladesh against natural disasters.


1990 Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.: Raised funds to help maintain a battered women’s shelter dedicated to combating violence against women at home.


Mundhini, Kenya: Immunized 10,000 children against infectious diseases with vaccines provided by UNICEF. Provided health screaning and treatment, built a health clinic, and donated an ambulance.