December 16, 2017

Collaborative Events: 2015 – 2017

By In Archive

IHAN worked collaboratively with the NGO Health Committee to co-sponsor 11 events during 2015, 2016 and the first 6 months of 2017.  These events focused on Health issues that are vital to the concerns of the United Nations.

Events 2017 – January to June

June 6, 2017 HIV/AIDS Revisited Achievements and Remaining Challenges – National and Global View

March 15, 2017 Empowering Women Through Education and Social Policy Transforming Elder Care

February 7, 2017 The Global Challenge of Diabetes in Children and Adults

Additional Events are planned later in the year

Events 2016

October 19, 2016 Zika: Global Health Challenges and Long-Term Effects

June 8, 2016 Integrating Mental Health in Primary Care A Global Perspective

April 28, 2016 The Global Paradox of Obesity and Malnutrition

March 18, 2016 A Quality Health Workforce

October 21, 2015 Forced Migration: A Pandemic Health Care for the Displaced

Events 2015

June 17, 2015 The Challenge of Health Care for People Displaced by Conflict/Disaster

May 6, 2015 Immunization A successful health intervention with unrealized global potential

March 11, 2015 Moving the Political/Social Agenda for Women’s Equality & Health