Voice of Women

“Voice of Women” is a radio show that features both women specialized in helping the betterment of women as well as youth as the coming generation trying to work for the same. By having the range in generations as well as experience the goal of empowerment of women can truly be met. The perception of a variety of women is given on different factors that make up females of all different countries as well as races. In this show these different sides of women will be discussed in order to help understand the struggles that women undergo daily in their social lives as well as on an individual level. By discussing these topics women can better understand themselves as well as their surroundings and increase their well-being. Women of all walks of life have similar challenges in juggling a family, work, personal growth and unexpected daily life events. In different parts of the world, women are experiencing ethnical, cultural, religious, and traditional taboos, which have hindered their growth as well as been harmful to their physical and mental health. There are barriers and glass ceilings in developed and developing countries for women achieving higher political and scientific positions.

Women are natural caregivers and nurturers of their family, and most often neglect their own physical and emotional health and development. Our radio show will be a platform for women to share their stories; to have access to expert information on various issues such as health and education; and to learn from one another. We will try to tackle different challenges of life with all members of the human family that come from different parts of the world.

IHAN (International Health Awareness Network) works toward the empowerment of women. Health and education are means toward this goal and two factors integral to living a healthy lifestyle.

This weekly program is broadcast on African Views Radio (

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