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Empowerment of Poor Women for Development and Peace by Vijaya L. Melnick, Ph. D., FIMSA. Co-President, IHAN

The Role of Women in World Peace & The Role of Men and Boys in Gender Equity May 24, 2004 Symposium.
Keynote speaker: Shirin Ebadi (2003 Nobel Peace Laureate)
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Health and Human Rights for Girls and Women.
This publication features articles on health and human rights concerning women and girls. Some of the articles you can find in this publication are: Health and Human Rights for Women and Girls; Technology, Gender, and Human Rights; Ending Violence Against Women: Charting Next Steps; Poverty, The Girl Child and Human Rights; Invisible No More: Literature and Human Rights; and Twin Epidemics: HIV/AIDS and Violence Against Women in South Africa.

Improving women’s health through the life span: The right to information.
This publication features articles on improving women’s health and why it is imperitive to have access and information concering health issues. Some of the articles are: Consumer Access to Information and Education, Preventing AIDS in Women and Children, The Right to Information in Reproductive Health, The Link: Human Rights and Women’s Health, and the Biological Revolution: Issues in Medicine and Ethics.

New millennium strategies for women’s health and human rights in the workplace.
The goal of this symposium was to provide participants with a learning experience and the opportunity for open discussion on issues affecting women. Emphasis was placed on policies, research, ethics, national machineries for gender equality, women’s health and safety in the workplace and the challenges for the next century.

Elimination of violence against women and children.
This publication and symposium was designed to bring together a diverse group of individuals who are concerned with improving women and children’s health and welfare nationally and internationally. The symposium provided the most current information available on violence against women and children and to elicit creative ideas, strategies and policy recommendations from participants.

The impact of health care policy and practices on women.
The objective of this publication is to raise awareness about domestic and international policies and practices. To identify problems, key contributing factors to success and failure of women’s programs, and future trends in delivery of health services for women. To address domestic and global health issues that primarily impact women. To examine emerging challenges of the next century. To gather practical and feasible suggestions to further advance domestic and international efforts to improve ways of empowering and encouraging women at the local, state, national and international levels.

The impact of nutrition on women’s and children’s health.