Board & Staff Members


Sorosh Roshan, M.D., MPH, President

Dr. Sorosh Roshan

Dr. Sorosh Roshan is the founder and president of the International Health Awareness Network. She was an Adjunct Associate Professor at New York University, vice president of the International Council of Women, and President of the National Council of Women/U.S.A. She is also currently the Director Lehman College foundation. Dr. Roshan is one of the most salient voices on women’s health and empowerment advocacy worldwide. IHAN’s mission is to educate, empower and provide health care to socioeconomically underserved women and children. IHAN has advisory council members in Jordan, Kenya, India, Switzerland, Turkey, Pakistan, USA, Australia, Bangladesh, South Africa, China, Egypt, Niger, England, Iran and Japan

Vijaya Melnick, Ph.D., Co-President

Dr. Vijaya Melnick

Vijaya Melnick is Professor Emeritus of Biological & Environmental Sciences. She also served as Director of the Center for Applied Research and Urban Policy, and as the Director of the Office of Sponsored Research & Programs at the University of the District of Columbia, Washington DC. She is Associate Director, International Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Immunology, Georgetown Univ. Medical Center. She has served on the faculty of Health Care Ethics at Howard Univ. Medical College. She is Co-President of the International Health Awareness Net Work, a United Nations affiliated organization. She has served as Senior Science Advisor to the Lemelson Center for Inventions & Innovations, National Museum of American History, The Smithsonian Institution, and as Science Advisor and member of faculty of the Einstein Institute for Science, Health and the Courts. She has served as Principal Investigator on several research projects related to the health of women & children including international research & ethics programs. She is the author of a number of research and policy articles and books. She serves on several boards and executive committees of national and international organizations concerned with health and/or education, and she is listed in various Who’s Who publications. She is a biologist and received her Ph.D, and postdoctoral training, from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

Suzanne Stutman, Ph.D., Co-Vice President

Dr. Suzanne Stutman

Dr. Suzanne Stutman is a Professor of English, American Studies, and Women’s Studies at Penn State University’s Abington College. She is the author of five scholarly texts and three books of poetry: Broken Feather: A Journey to Healing, White Feather: A Journey to Peace, and All the Power Rests with You. Dr. Stutman has written poetry on behalf of several organizations, including The International Health Awareness Network, The National Council of Women of the United States, The International Council of Women, Friends of the Children (The Center for Children’s Support), The Philadelphia Children’s Alliance, Women Organized Against Rape, and Heartbeat, South Africa. Her poems have been read and exhibited at the United Nations and at various locations around the world. Dr. Stutman is the Immediate Past President of the National Council of Women of the United States and Vice President of Educational Outreach for the International Health Awareness Network. She is also a past president of The Thomas Wolfe Society. She serves on the advisory boards of the Toni Morrison Society, The Thomas Wolfe Society, and the Survivors’ Art Foundation

Beatrice Goodwin, R.N., Ph.D. Board Member

Eliana Horta, R.N., M.S., M.Ph. U.N. Representative

Jaco Hoffman, Ph. D. Board Member

Jaco, a South African, joined the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, University of Oxford in October 2006 and is currently a Senior Research Fellow, developing the Institute’s focus on ageing in Africa through the conduct of research and, with Isabella Aboderin, joint co-ordination of the African Research on Ageing Network (AFRAN).  His research interests revolve around intergenerational issues in Africa in general and in particular the configuration and reconfiguration of these relationships in the context of poverty and HIV/AIDS. This research is funded by James Martin and the Oppenheimer Fund.  The African Research on Ageing Network (AFRAN) is a United Nations endorsed program, hosted by the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing. This collaborative network brings together African and international institutions and individuals from academia, policy and practice to develop and expand African research and training capacity on ageing.  As Past President of the South African Gerontological Association (SAGA) and Chairperson in the structures of the then National Peace Accord (South Africa) , he continues to be involved in various developmental programss and initiatives in the field of ageing and reconciliation in South Africa.

Mahnaz Sarachi, Ph.D., Executive Director

Beverly Bartner, Chair Fundraising Committee

Keiko Chevray

Keiko Uesawa Chevray served as  Director of the Japanese Language Program at Columbia University in New York and full time Senior Lecturer in Japanese in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures. Columbia University has established a Keiko Chevray award for excellence in East Asian languages.

Honorable Yun Sook Lee

Honorable Yun Sook Lee 

Hon. Yunsook Lee is the former South Korean Minister of Political Affairs. She has been a member of the National Assembly (ROK) of the Republic of Korea, as well as the Committee of National De- fense, and has held many other key positions in the Korean government, including Chairperson of the Special Committee on Women of the National As-

sembly. Mrs. Lee is also the President of the Korea National Council of Women, Advisor to the United Nations Association of Korea, and Delegate to the Fourth United Nations Conference on Women. She is a graduate of Ewha Woman’s University and has been a radio and TV commentator in Korea since 1959.





Honorable Zara Nuru, Board Member

Madam Nuru is the Non-Executive Director of the Equity Bank of Tanzania.  Ms. Nuru holds a Master of Science in Managerial Economics, Quantitative Methods and Business Administration including Trade and Marketing from Hult University. She is a Policy Advisor for IHAN (International Health Awareness Network) and Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce. Previously she has worked as the Personal Assistant to the President on Diplomatic and International Affairs United Republic of Tanzania; consultant/Advisor of the United Nations Of the Special Advisor on Africa; among other capacities in the United Nations. She has also worked with the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania as Permanent Secretary for Health, Community Development, Culture, Women, Youth and sports; Deputy Permanent Secretary and Director of Management Development and Administration and Head of Planning, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare among other capacities.


Peace Action International
The Ribbon International
The Internatiional Council of Women
The National Council on Women’s Health


Michelle Chen, China
Suad Al Dasuqi, Jordan

Suad Al Dasuqi

Faramarz S. Fatemi, PhD., USA
Naureen Chowdhury Fink, USA
Satty Gill Keswani, M.D., USA
Homa Mahmoudi, Ph.D, USA
Maggie Miqueo, Esq., USA
Sucheta Panicker, M.D., India
Rosalinda Rubenstein, M.D., USA
Bijan Safai, M.D., USA
Homayra Sellier, Switzerland
Manijeh Wishart, M.D., UK
Simone Zerah, M.D.


Leanne Barrineau

Leanne Barrineau, USA
Leanne Barrineau is an actress, writer and producer in New York where she is developing a script for the stage based on the current status of women with a particular focus on Untied Nations MDG 5.  She holds a degree in Marine Science from the University of South Carolina and has worked in the field of biological oceanography for a number of years.  She remains an advocate for ocean conservancy and a supporter of her University’s College of Arts & Science. For the 64th United Nations DPI/ NGO World Conference that was held in Bonn, Germany this past September, she spoke as a panelist for the Intergenerational Committee while serving as a representative for the International Health Awareness Network. Leanne sits on the Board of Directors for the Children’s Theatre Company, an organization that is “committed to character and ethical development and rooted in the belief that through the incomparable magic of theater combined with a robust ethical education curriculum, children and youth can indeed become the voices of positive change.” Leanne is a member of Equality Now and the founder of Free Body Pilates, where she promotes health, wellbeing, and rehabilitation for people of all ages and walks of life.

Lila Benaissa, USA

Lisa Benaissa

Lila Benaissa, is an undergraduate student taking her bachelor’s degree in Pre-Law, Philosophy and Journalism at the City College of New York. She has supported as well as worked toward the empowerment of women through the International Health Awareness Network. As a board member of the Roosevelt Institute at the City College of New York, she has dealt with policy related work in areas such as equal justice, education, and proper medical care. Her interests include languages, international relations and affairs, law, and public relations. She is currently working as a press representative for Congressman Charlie B. Rangel.

Vanessa Muro, USA

Vanessa Muro

Vanessa Muro is a graduate student from The City College with a Bachelors Degree in International Studies and a minor in French. She is originally from Mexico but went to university both in New York and Paris. She is interested in cultures, global issues, human rights, international organizations and NGOs. She has participated in “National Model United Nations” (NMUN), volunteered for UN Permanent Missions and helped the UNDPI in their weekly NGO briefings. She is currently involved with International Peace Action and International Health Awareness Network.

Ardi Abar, USA

Orchid Abar, USA

Maria Hensen, Dominican Republic

Tackin Tarighian, USA

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